Onwards & Upwards 13 August 2021

Hi All,

Getting feedback and testing out the store. Nervous drum roll. It’s been positive. Phew!

If I’ve not reached you yet, hang tight I’ll be in touch to get your feedback soon.

In the meantime, if you need to talk to a football lover, it’s probably best to get the conversation in today. It’s Friday 13th, and the footie season is starting.

It’s also the season for sunflowers, you will find them at the Van Gogh Alive Experience at Kensington Gardens 4 June – 26 September 2021.

You will definitely see them if you visit the forthcoming exhibition related to Van Gogh at Manchester’s Media City between October 2021 and January 2022.  

Even better, view our take on the bold colours and expressive brushwork associated with Van Gogh wherever you are by heading to #hamiltonjonesprints.com

Anyway, watching the 100 Cricket tournament I caught a glimpse of Lauren Hibbard, singing Bye Boy. God I’m old, but some issues remain timeless.  

Enjoy the footie and have a good week.


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