Limited Edition Particulars


Our prints are produced by Europe’s leading fine art and photographic printers.

Natural World Limited Edition Prints

Each Limited Edition Print is a curated work of art. When you receive your print, you will also receive an individual certificate of authenticity. Certificates include the name of the artist that captured the scene, along with the artist’s signature. Every certificate includes a unique edition number, along with the dimensions of the print, and the medium chosen for the photograph to be printed on. Each certificate also includes a unique hologram authenticating the document.  Certificates also include the original date that the print was sold by Hamilton Jones Prints.

Limited Edition Particulars – 12 Views from Watergate Bay.

Each print size has a limit of 100, and the edition run cannot be exceeded. There are 4 sizes for each print in the collection.

Print dimensions can be found next to each print in the collection gallery. For details about the dimensions please visit our page headed Specifications & Dimensions.