Fine Art Paper


To produce your print we liaised with our printers about their choice of carefully selected archival art papers. Each of their art papers has an archival life of at least 80 years, and there are several papers to choose from. After careful consideration we chose Epson Semi Gloss as the fine art paper to complement our prints.

Initially we were drawn to more delicate papers, but these can lack the durability of Epson Semi Gloss. Epson Semi Gloss is a medium paper type, as opposed to a high gloss paper, or paper with a visible surface grain. In addition, rather than being pearlized or matt. Epson Semi Gloss is bright white with an extra smooth texture, which adds to the overall realism of the prints. The depth that this combination creates puts you right there, seeing through the eyes of the artist, on the day that they photographed the scene. You can almost feel the sand between your toes, and the sea breeze on your face.

Technically Epson Semi Gloss is a great all-round paper, favoured by professionals for its photographic aesthetics, vibrant colour reproduction, high contrast and robust feel. Its semi gloss, flat surface captures the photographic detail of the work, and combines this with the subtle hand painted feel of a Giclée fine art print. The most lightweight of all the Giclée papers, along with the resin coated surface made Epson Semi Gloss the strongest choice for our collection.