Onwards & Upwards 17 September 2021

Hi All,

This week started with big drama in Monza. Winning is everything but we love you more than that. Take care guys.

Caught a cheeky 10 minutes listening to Tom Sutcliffe and friends discussing perception and the self on Start the Week. Deep.

More importantly, Paul O’Grady says he’s got an electric frying pan. Is this a thing? And why haven’t I got one?

Will people think less of me if I just whip out an electric frying pan and get a Full English on? It really is all about perception.

Lightheartedness aside, Daniel Priestley says “The big wave is coming” …I believe him. So I’m working on improving my offering, and panning out my cash flow forecast.

Pro-active or re-active, either way I’m riding that big wave into the beach. For waves and more head to www.hamiltonjonesprints.com

Also this week, SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission launched the first all civilian crew to orbit 360 miles above the earth. To Jared Isaaccman and his colleagues, well done!

They even took a ukelele, there’s hope for me yet.

Enjoy the weekend.


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