Onwards & Upwards 18 June 2021

Hi All,

This week I’ve felt a bit like a broken egg reconstituting itself: June 2021, New Scientist. Ho Hum.

Then out of the blue came this - “I say to the lads, take as much time as you need getting that first cupboard in right, and then the rest of the job will go perfectly”. I’m with you Karl, your fitting is superb, I’m recommending you to everyone.

On recommendations, I got sent this link - https://www.letterboxliquorice.co.uk. Scrumptious! Thanks Sophie.

I’ve been doing some research for the store, delving into the Great Wave, block printing and Hokusai. For our unique take on this head to #hamiltonjonesprints.com where you can get a glimpse of our Father’s day dedication.

What else this week?  There’s been some big guns locking horns in Europe. NATO? Of course not. Get your tinnies out, the footies on.

Enjoy the football and the week ahead.


Hamilton Jones

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