Onwards & Upwards 23 July 2021

Hi All,

Another week, and still no online store. What!

I’m sure Jeff Bezos could hear me tutting about it from 351210 feet as his, New Shepherd, Blue Origin, spacecraft left the planet.

Getting a bit of perspective on the situation: The Tokyo Olympics is finally able to open.

Go, Tokyo! & Team GB. 17 days, 350 events. Something for everyone.

Sticking with the Japanese theme. Some of you may already know that our debut collection of prints is called 12 Views from Watergate Bay, and that this is a bit of a nod to the Japanese Artist Hokusai, K., 1831, and his Woodblock Print Series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji.

Our Collection names are Dazzle, Light , Blue , & Reflection. Each print is named, and the names are reminiscent of titles Hokusai gave his work.

Anyway, while I was waiting for my dry cleaning, I pointed to a wedding dress and said to the attendant. Imagine how hot it would be wearing that today. She replied, that’s been waiting there since 2017 to be collected. You won’t have to wait that long for our collection. Promise.

Have a lovely weekend.


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