Onwards & Upwards 25 June 2021

Hi All,

This week I have been mainly working on delivery and shipping instructions. The scenarios are mind-boggling.

Also, I got introduced to the Hamburger Menu. The easy way to communicate a list of items. I knew what it meant, honest.

For me, email addresses are a bit like shoes, building the store means I have acquired rather a lot of them. A purge is coming.  

Now we’ve got an info@ email address, and our online store is really taking shape. Head to #hamiltonjonesprints.com for a fuller picture of what’s to come.

While you’re waiting for our store to open, have a look at www.morganart.co.uk  for beautiful hand crafted prints.

Finally, we’re down to the last 16. Anything could happen. Wunderbar!

Have a good weekend.


Hamilton Jones Prints

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