Onwards & Upwards 27 August 2021

Hi All,

This week has been totally epic for us at www.hamiltonjonesprints.com

Is it because Radio 2 has announced the winner of their Big Bee Challenge?

You know we love a good Bee storey, but it’s been even more epic than that. The feedback for our online store has got me positively buzzing.

My zen was being tortured by my computer keyboard, which refuses to type popular letters like, O, & K amongst others, while the letter Z works perfectly.

Colleagues and friends were giving us positive feedback, but things still felt a bit like a ball of wool waiting to be unravelled.

Then this happened. A visitor to our store described our first collection of prints as captivating imagery. He went on to say. ‘Things may not be going the way that you want them to that day, and then you have a look at these images, and they are mesmerising. Almost mythical…..’

When someone sees your work for the first time, and they totally get it, it blows you away.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your print!


Hamilton Jones Prints

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