Onwards & Upwards 3 September 2021

Hi All,

Well done to our 2020 Team GB Para Olympians, 111 medals so far, that’s epic guys.

Just when I was about to pat myself on the back for turning a bit of corner, this happened -

Things were going swimmingly. I was getting feedback, working on the order book, thanking people along the way, investigating new sales channels.

Co-ordination of the launch date campaign was even beginning to take shape.

I even started research for our forthcoming Collection. (Who knew Sunflowers could be so fascinating? Golden ratio, spirals, it’s all in there)

And then I embarked on the simple task of posting two pictures simultaneously on Instagram . How difficult could it be?

I’ve just about recovered from nearly publishing my whole pictorial life on social media. It’s enough to send you out raving.

To view our tribute to clubbers everywhere visit @deeworld79.com.

Have a lovely weekend.