Onwards & Upwards 6 August 2021

Hi All,

Whoop de do! The online store is finished. Yes really.

We are finally at the station and ready to start the journey. Yeh!

I will be in touch next week with the website address and to find out which print you would like to receive as your gift, prior to the official launch.

In the meantime, here are the names of the 12 prints that we will be releasing as part of our first collection.

12 Views from Watergate Bay:
Sunset over Newquay
Fine waves clear dusk
Spectacular Cornish shoreline
Surging waves at dusk
Cornish shoreline towards the caves
Sea of Cornish wisdom
Fine waves clear reflections
Crashing into the surf
Beach beneath the clouds
Breaking waves at dusk
Ocean & reflection
Fine waves clear evening


Have a lovely weekend.


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