Update 11 June 2021

Hi All,

I’ve got 60 items on my to do list. Now I know what they are I’m totally relaxed about it.

For example, soon you will be able to view all of the updates in one place. Technology truly is marvellous.

This week’s big displacement activity. The G7? No, homemade banana hair conditioner - I’ve tried it, so you don’t have to. What a terrible idea!

Why choose Cornwall for a big bash? The reasons are endless. If you need convincing head to #Hamiltonjonesprints & have a look.

Two reasons for using last week’s picture. I used the new store name last week and some of you missed it, and I’m working on my Instagram.

What else happened? A partial solar eclipse, majestic and spectacular, and Zoe Ball launches the Big Bee Challenge. I’m going to bee tuning in for tips.

Have a lovely weekend.


Hamilton Jones

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