Update 28 May 2021

Hi All,

Computer maintenance Sunday versus crafting a life in the UK service sector. Resistance is futile, I’ve got to do both.

Jo from computer maintenance says if I focus on the small things, then big things will follow. He’s thinking software, I’m thinking finished E-Store.

‘Monaco, the Everest of Formula 1’ - glimpsed the race. Oh, The magic of Monaco! One day guys, I’ll walk that track.

Significant individual in front of an industry expert. No, the other interview: Jules Holland & Noel Gallagher, totally engrossing.

Summer shrug finished and not a microfibre in site. Sorry guys, I’m keeping it.

Fuzzy in places, and still roaring with colour. What should I call it, Covid Economy Shrug, or Boho Dreams? Head to #deeworld79 to have your say.

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.


Hamilton Jones

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