Beach Beneath the Clouds

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Beach beneath the clouds, Collection 3, Reflection

    Immerse yourself in the sounds of the sea as you take in the sun’s golden rays. Unwind and listen to the sounds created by the perpetual motion of rolling waves as you walk along the dusky beach beneath the clouds.

    Natural World Limited Edition Prints

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    • Composition - Photographic Prints

    • Series - 12 Views from Watergate Bay1

    • Curated and presented by Hamilton Jones Prints.

    • Equipment - Nikon D3300.

    • Filters – Au naturel.

    • Retouching – Au naturel.

    • Composition time - Approximately 400 million years.2  

    1. Hokusai, K., 1831. Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. Woodblock Print Series.
    2. Cornish geology and rock, Watergate Bay Hotel.